Verification Services

New Products. Same Commitment.

Accuracy in verification—it’s essential. Your business

relies on the ability to authenticate consumers quickly

and thoroughly. Put our Verification Services to work for

you. We offer a full suite of products designed to help

take the guesswork out of authentication.

Authentication/Cross Check
SSA Verification

A real-time resource for ID verification and fraud detection, Authentication/Cross Check reports provide concise information in an easy to interpret, color-coded format.

  • Identify Red Flags
  • Validate Name, Address, SSN, DOB & Phone Number
  • Check Multiple Watch Lists (including OFAC)
  • Detect High Risk Address
  • Confirm SSA Issuance & SSA Death Master

For the most comprehensive Social Security Number validation, rely on our “direct to Social Security Administration” service.

  • Easy access service link
  • Accurate, detailed evaluation
  • Prompt turnaround
IRS Tax Transcripts
DataVerify [ Visit DataVerify ]

Reduce the risk of mortgage fraud with the Tax Return Verification (TRV) service. 

  • Income, ID and Risk Analysis
  • Validate Borrower Information
  • National Coverage

Robust data rich tools designed to reduce the losses and risk associated with fraudulent activity, the DataVerify suite of products offers protection before, during and after loan origination.

  • Expose applicant misrepresentation
  • Confirm borrower identity, income & employment